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Aromatherapy Massage

What is aromatherapy?

It is the use of concentrated plant based oils (essential oils) for therapeutic purposes. The oils can be used to treat both physical and emotional conditions. 


Massage is the most common method of essential oil application - you get all the benefits of a massage - stress/anxiety reduction, improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, release of muscle tension but also the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. 


Who can benefit from an aromatherapy massage?

Anyone - from children through to the elderly. 


Aromatherapy can help people living with these conditions:

  • Stress/anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Muscle tension including headaches

  • Blood pressure and circulation

  • Digestive disorders - IBS 

  • Reproductive conditions - menopause, menstruation, hormonal imbalances

  • Immune system


What happens during a massage treatment?

Following a consultation, a bespoke blend of essential oils will be mixed to use during your massage. The massage will be performed directly on your skin, so the oils can enter the bloodstream and circulate benefiting the whole body. Just the area being worked will be exposed, the rest of your body will be covered by towels.

The massage can cover all areas of the body, depending on your needs and treatment length - back, shoulders, legs, arms, feet, hands, stomach, neck and face.

Oil Massage

Each session will be tailored to your needs.

£45   |   45 min

For those short on time - target one or two areas

£55   |   60 min

Time to destress and unwind

£65   |   75 min

The ultimate - for when one hour is just not enough!


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